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Give a public talk or masterclass about : networking, community building, sales or trade shows.

Drop the dull and boring power points and bullets points that puts audiences to sleep or into their smartphones. Welcome to fun, engaging and  rich speeches filed with rhetoric, humour and high quality content. Public speaking is hard and dedicated work, it’s an expertise.


Train your company on triple their results on trade shows and finally get a great R.O.I.

Hire one of the few world experts about trade shows. Welcome to a new world, a human centric world, harnest the power of social psychology and give your team a nitrogen boost when it comes to trade shows. Forget what you know, get out of your confort zone, that’s the only way to progress.


Train your teams in the lasting sales practices

The world is changing fast, and so do sales practices. Now don’t get me wrong, I won’t teach you about the latest trend, but about the lasting trend. That comes down to being human and opening the hood to see how our brains and emotions work. With that knowledge and the technics to go with it you’ll be out for the sales ride of your life.

Trade show sales & marketing expert.

Hard to guess a personality from a few words on a resume, right ? Not only is it hard but you’re subject to confirmation bias reading it…

So let me introduce myself in an unusual manner :

I felt out place most of my life, until a great marketer in NYC (hello James) labelled me “a global citizen in search of a home”. He nailed it, I was most of my life on a crash course of exploration and learning on 3 continents, in search of “belonging”. Seems like all it was was a hypersensitive thinking something was wrong with him… Anyway, getting know myself and the world did give me a heads up about human nature. A blessing in disguised. It sharpened my skills to connect deeply with every kind of people wherever I go. So much I’m making a living out it now :-).


What the hell is an expert in trade shows ?

Think about it for a sec, how well do you run your trade shows ? Complicated right ? How to measure it’s potential ? How to measure your team’s performance ? How to be creative in a booth and still look like a serious company ? What to do during the show to attract visitors and turn them into leads that is not dull and cheesy like handing out swags ? And what to do after the show to turn these leads into customers ? Well knowing all that is what makes a trade show expert. It takes sales, marketing, and organization skills. And non conformity (yeah Ralph Waldo Emerson). As you will see from my work life’s resume all my previous experiences come together in harmony with trade shows. That’s where I help companies play their symphony.




  • Sales
  • Training Skills
  • Trade Shows Strategy
  • Creativity
  • Public Speaking


SINCE 2018
Opened Face to Face Marketing Europe

European Union, Canada & USA 

Coefficient Directeur splits in two brands. One for Business Development called The Ark Training. And one dedicated to my speciality of Trade Show Marketing and Sales called Trade Show Experts, European branch of Face to Face Marketing inc. in Canada to bring to the old continent the strategies, methodology, and tactics we teach to the best exhibitors in North America.

2017 RIG Goldman Fellow


New York City, USA 

Experience of a lifetime. Got selected as the year 2017 RIG Fellow, an honorary title given each year to a young leader by one of the world leading and discrete humanitarian organization. Based in NYC I was sent accross the country to Detroit, D.C., L.A and overseas to Israel, India, Ukraine. I did learn a lot about community building, fundraising and create a global exhibition for community building practice exchange.

SInce 2015
Founded Coefficient Directeur

European Union & Canada

Leave employees world to embrace a new adventure as a marketing and sales facilitator with my digital twin Avner Uzan. I create and facilitate workshops in branding and sales strategy for my clients, from SMBs to Multinational Corporations.

2nd semester 2014

Interim Cabinet Member Post Elections in charge of prospective studies

Greater Paris Area 

Elections 2014. A new mayor got elected I was called back from Canada to help him put the municipality in order and in motion with a new vision for the future. I’ve worked on a road map for the next years to be more inclusive of citizen’s voices and more ecological in the way we build projects.

1ST semester 2014
Business Developer

Peel Solutions

Quebec Province, Canada

Fascinating intercultural work reaching out to French startups aiming at the North American market to sell them our business development package. Basically we took care of the leg work so all they had to do is come, meet, sign the deal and open an office in the Americas.

Freelance Marketing Consultant

Greater Paris Area 

Brought up to speed and up and running social medias for solopreners and small companies. Created Websites, Youtube Channels, Facebook Company Pages and tought community management. Results +30% in sales within 3 months.


2ND SEMESTER 2011-2012
French Media Consultant

The Israel Project

Paris / Jerusalem

Exploration of the middle east storm continues as I stepped more into the media battle field. Adapted articles written by T.I.P. from English to French about the situation in Israel. Had several papers published in the mainstream French press like Le Monde, Le FIgaro, or Liberation. Took care of logistics for former israeli ambassador media tour in France, Meir Rosenne.

IGF Fellow

Menahem Begin Center


Changed country to learn its issues and policies to fix them. Interned at the Ministry of Public Security and a Think Tank. I wrote a handbook in crime prevention mixing sociology theories of crime and a benchmark of international practices to top it down. I monitored weak signals in the Sahel french press about AQMI activities in the region for Dr Tanchum from the Shalem Center. Work was published in the israel journal of foreign affairs.


Deputy Chief of Cabinet

City of Livry Gargan

Greater Paris Area 

Oh boy what a nut job ! I’ve learned a lot about human nature in it being caught between the politcian “way of thinking” and the reality of citizen life in a suburb of Paris.

Ever watched Spin City with Michael J. Fox ? Well that was my everyday life with a little bit less comedy and a little more tragedy unfortunately.

What I did : Organized 87 events from 10 to 5 000 attendees, taking care of protocole, logistics and writing speeches for the mayor, Alain Calmat. In charge of the editorial line of the monthly local newspaper, I’ve set the agenda for the writing commitee, reread every article to make sure it was aligned with our communication strategy. I Managed crisis communication when s**t happened and received for private meetings more than 200 citizens who had a demand or an issue with the municipality. Oh and we won the Elections in 2008 in a landslide +9% from the 54,67% of 2001, 62,58%.

Resort Animator

Club Med

Red Sea, Israel 

What a job! 18 hours of work a day, smile mandatory or you’re out, but I loved every minute of it. If it was paid better I would probably still be doing it. What I did : took care of kids so their parents could actually be on holiday, organising their days at the Mini Club to keep them entertained and send them back to their parents happy but exhausted. I’ve also learned the secret sauce of the famous Club Med that I still use today on trade shows.


Galleries Lafayettes Group

Greater Paris Area 

A great memory, selling perfumes to shoppers. Took delight in matching their olfactive signature with their personality. Didn’t know yet what I was doing was using the four steps of sales I would later on in life teach… Results were 10% superior to objectives.

Business Developer & Account Manager

Young & Rubicam

Greater Paris Area 

A bit of a deception… Advertising as I learnt it in University was much more fascinating than the reality. Nevertheless, I did help with the logistics of RFP in “new business”. Then moved on to an account manager position where I took care of logistics and go between the client, the legal and creative department to create TV and radio ads for Danone’s dairy products : Actimel, Gervais aux Fruits and Petit Pot Nature. Unfortunately too advertising on junior level didn’t pay even to make a living, so I moved on.


Master Practictioner in NLP

Trained by John Grinder & Robert Dilts, Strategies ICMC & Institut Reperes – 2005 & 2012

Enneagram Certificate

Masters Degree in Communications Strategy

Master Practictioner in Hypnosis

Psynapse, Paris – 2015

Find your excellency

Pedagogia Consulting, Paris – 2014

Systemics Certificate